Wedding Wednesday (01)

Welcome to my Wedding Wednesday series! It would be too easy to bombard you with wedding related content every day of the week, so in an effort to keep things interesting around here I’ll be sticking to Wednesdays for these posts.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite details from a stylish wedding I planned and designed last year. I lucked out big time with this bride and groom! Besides the fact that they are gorgeous and belong on the cover of a magazine, they also had impeccable taste, great attitudes, and put a lot of trust in me to make their day something special (spoiler: it was). You can see the full wedding over on Green Wedding Shoes, but here I’ll be breaking down the design and talking about my favorite elements. All photos are by Merari (my fave!).

You guys. It doesn’t get better than Deering Estate in South Florida. Vintage appeal? Check. Waterfront ceremony site? Check. Outdoor dining? Check. Black-and-white-checkered-dance-floor-with-gorgeous-hanging-chandeliers? Check! This is Old Florida at it’s very best.

Deering Estate WeddingDeering Estate Wedding

Right off the bat, the bride gravitated to very on-trend blush tones, but we both agreed that we didn’t want another soft, pastel “pinterest” wedding. Both Colleen and Chris are lawyers, so of course we edged things up with black. The combination was so moody and unexpected that they needed a tiny bit of convincing that it would all make sense together. I’m thrilled that they trusted me! Their big day took place during the glittering holiday season, so gold was necessary.

Black blush gold wedding

Remember that waterfront ceremony site I told you about? Well it didn’t disappoint. We ditched the traditional white wedding chairs and opted for black instead. The showstopper of the ceremony, however–other than the bride and groom–was this wood arbor by Unearthed Vintage that Helen and the Ever After Floral Design team decked out in carefully draped black fabric, eucalyptus greens, and gold lanterns. Perfection! The whole thing came together like a symphony.

Deering Estate Wedding Ceremony

Every wedding I plan has some sort of passion project. For Colleen and Chris, it was all of their paper goods and signage that I designed in-house. The biggest project being this 8×8 seating chart that we constructed with the help of Unearthed Vintage. If you haven’t caught on yet, great vendors are so key in creating an awesome wedding. The vignette had a lot of elements — custom signage, vintage frames, handmade ribbon backdrop. It was ridiculously windy that day. I don’t think the ribbons hung still for even a second but that gave it an ethereal quality that I knew the bride would love.

Vintage Wedding Seating Chart Idea

Fact: Farm tables are my favorite, but I knew they needed something special to keep the overall design cohesive. Cue these black table runners that were made from the same fabric used to drape the ceremony arbor. Small detail, big impact. The gold centerpieces popped like never before and it was truly the detail that tied everything together in a perfect, neat bow.

Deering Estate Wedding Reception

Nothing creates a romantic, al-fresco vibe like bistro lights (also by Unearthed Vintage). Need I say more? This is a must-have for all of my weddings!

Deering Estate Wedding Reception Bistro Lighting

Besides the fact that photo booths are just FUN, I have two words for you: Gold. Sequins. How am I supposed to resist? Can you believe this quality from Capture POD?

Miami Photo Booth Gold Sequin


That’s just a glimpse into Colleen and Chris’ wedding day! Be sure to come back next Wednesday if you enjoyed it!


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Happiness Hack


As someone who’s prone to anxiety, anger, stress, and all-around discontent, I’m always looking for ways to work through my neuroses. I’m a big TED Talk fan, especially the Life Hacks series on Netflix. It inspired my own hack that’s been so effective during the crazy wedding season. It started a few weeks ago when I was on my way to a wedding down in the keys — sleep deprived and honestly on the edge of a full on meltdown. Tears everywhere, negative self-talk (I can’t do this!), the works.

Anyway, if you’ve ever been to the Florida Keys, you know there’s bougainvillea EVERYWHERE. Bougainvillea happens to be my favorite flower — the sight alone puts a smile on my face, and that’s what happened (if only for a few moments).  That was the first time I opened a new note in my phone and started a list: Things That Make Me Happy. It started with bougainvillea and grows almost every week. I add things as they occur to me, and when I’m feeling down or overwhelmed I pull it out for ideas on how to lift my spirits. It’s been a great way for me to reflect, journal (kind of), and be proactive with my own happiness.

Do you have any happiness hacks? I’d love to hear from you!